How to create a new email account with Plesk


The following guide will show you how to create an email account, email address, add a mail address within your Plesk hosting environment.

Tip: if you’re looking to forward this account to another address, see our guide to creating email aliases and forwards here.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Choose the “Mail” tab on the left, or click “Email Addresses” under the domain you wish to add an email account / forward for.
  3. Choose the “Create Email Address” button
  4. Fill in the mailname you wish to use and provide a password
  5. It is recommended to leave the remaining options at their defaults, however you may adjust them as you see fit.
  6. Click Finish and your email account will be set up and ready to go.

Tip: It is strongly recommended to enable Spamassassin SPAM scanning. Click here to learn how to enable and optimize your spam filter.

Testing your new account

The best way to test your new account is by logging in with webmail. Webmail is accessible at If you will be setting up your account on your computer, phone or tablet, please be sure you can login using webmail first as this will eliminate any server-side problems as a potential cause of any trouble. Once you’ve confirmed webmail access works as expected, check out our mail guides to learn how to set up the account on your devices.

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